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    Ensure Ease with Indian Passport Renewal in Sydney

    A passport is a mandatory document when you wish to travel or settle down abroad. Going anywhere and crossing any border is impossible without it. A passport also acts as a primary form of identification when staying, studying and working in foreign countries. However, just issuing a passport once is not enough. You need timely renewal to ensure that it is valid and still serves its purpose.

    With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, rules related to Indian passport renewal in Sydney have significantly changed. As per the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) guidelines, you need to have a machine printed, readable passport if you wish to travel internationally.

    The High Commission of India and the Melbourne, Sydney and Perth Consulates will no longer pay heed to requests for the issue of a short term or emergency passport. In unavoidable circumstances, an emergency certificate that is valid one way can be issued to enable attending to the emergency. When one wants to return to Australia post the emergency, a new passport needs to be obtained by getting in touch with the nearest passport issuing authority.

    Additionally, it is vital to ensure that all documents needed for an Indian passport renewal are in order. The application form needs to be filled online, printed and signed duly to be accepted for further processing.

    Process of Indian Passport Renewal in Sydney

    When it comes to Indian passport renewal in Sydney, there is a simple process that needs to be followed. The steps are as follows:

    Document Organisation

    At this stage, one needs to check that all documents are filed and are in order. The first thing to do is to register yourself on before filling out the application form. The form needs to be filled online with precision as making revisions is cumbersome. You then need to download the form offline, print it out and put in signatures where necessary. In the case of minors, the signatures of both parents need to be in place. You also need to have an Indian address which the police may verify before processing.

    Apart from the application form, one also needs to fill a personal particulars form with all personal details. If you have changed residences in a year, you may need to fill up a duplicate record with the older address. You also need to have references from two people residing in your locality. Additionally, you need to affix a recent photograph with the form.

    Your current photograph is essential when applying for a renewal. This needs to be a 2*2 size picture with clearly visible facial features, good lighting and no un-natural shadows. Your facial features need to show clearly, and the expression shall be neutral. The same applies to minors as well. You need to have at least two of these pictures handy. An attested copy of your old passport and a visa grant notice is also mandatory.

    Several additional forms are required on a situational basis. Form I needs to be filled if your passport has expired a month before lodgement, while Form J requests to change passport picture due to a change in appearance. The latter is to be attested by a JP or notary. An attested statutory declaration is needed for changing passport signature, while a self-declaration is needed when surname needs to be changed. An attested utility bill helps with the change of permanent address. For minors, annexures D or C must be filled by both parents or a single parent/ guardian, respectively. These need to be accompanied by a copy of the parent’s passports.

    In case it gets too confusing or time-consuming, it’s best to hire an agent to help.

    Application Submission

    The application for Indian passport renewal in Sydney needs to be submitted via post or courier. If you are hiring an agent, a credit card authorisation document also needs to be sent so your application can be processed further. If incomplete, documents will be sent back without deduction of courier charges.

    The application can also be submitted in person after making an appointment.

    Post Submission

    The application processing can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks. Post this; a new passport will be issued and sent to your specified address.

    Faster Processing for Indian Passport Renewal in Sydney with CBD Travel

    If you are looking for agents to hire for fast-tracking your Indian passport renewal in Sydney, there is none better than CBD Travel. We are your one-stop destination for anything related to travel. You can stay assured that your new passport will be processed in the least amount of time when you hire us. This is because we provide the following services:

    ● We check your documents thoroughly and make sure to save you from long processing and waiting times.
    ● Our knowledgeable staff has enough knowledge about passport renewal and can guide you from the beginning to the end.
    ● We help with application filling and also provide photography services.
    ● We ensure that the entire process is made more comfortable.
    ● Our agents take the burden off your shoulders and take care of everything. All you need to do is provide the minimal information that is required along the way
    ● We do it all for a highly competitive fee.

    So don’t wait. Get your passport renewed today. Contact us now!


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