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    Ensure Trust with an Indian Police Clearance in Sydney

    When you wish to live in another country, your safety and the safety of those around you is a significant concern for the authorities. An individual who has been involved in criminal activities before in any nation including their home nation is not to be trusted easily. Therefore, as a mechanism to ensure trust, foreign countries require an Indian Police Clearance Certificate (PCC).

    A PCC guarantees that the person wishing to reside in the desired host country has never been involved with the Indian police for criminal activities. This enables people without a criminal record to get their visa, work permit or residence permit with ease. However, a PCC does not apply for short term visits to another nation.

    Easy Checklist for Indian Police Clearance in Sydney

    While the reasons for obtaining a PCC are mentioned above, there are certain formalities that an individual needs to complete to receive the certificate. These involve various online/offline forms. Completing these on your own can get confusing and time-consuming. You may need the help of a travel/migration agent to complete and submit these documents.

    Some of the essential documents that a PCC application needs are mentioned in the checklist below:

    ● Full Application Form

    If you are an Indian national applying for a foreign visa/permit, you need to fill an online application form. This can be found at or on your agent’s website. This form needs to be filled meticulously to ensure that it is error-free.

    Many details need to be filled in when submitting an online application form. Firstly, an applicant needs to mention the country for which they are applying for an Indian PCC. Mentioning the purpose of obtaining the PCC is just as important. Furthermore, they need to put on their parents’ or spouse’s name as mentioned on their current passport. A file number needs to be entered with reference to the last page of your Indian passport.

    Once these details are filled in, download the form. You must print and sign it before sending it off via post to your agent or to the concerned authorities.

    However, you need to be careful while putting in your details. Any errors cannot be modified via a pen/pencil once the form is printed for submission. Moreover, a request for a change of details may take several weeks or even months to be processed.

    This is where hiring an agent helps. They can ensure that everything is error-free and may even return the form before submission in case of mistakes. You can thereby stay assured that you are only presenting the perfect information.

    ● Miscellaneous Service Application Form

    The Miscellaneous Service Application Form is just like the above mentioned complete application form. The critical point of difference is that it is used mainly by foreign nationals applying for an Indian PCC. This form needs to be filled manually and signed before submission.

    The details remain the same as a complete application form. The foreign national needs to mention the purpose of their application along with the country they need an Indian PCC. It is essential to ensure that all details are free of any errors. Hiring a migration agent to help out is even more significant here.

    ● Personal Particular Form

    As the name rightly suggests, a personal particular form is used to fill in an individual’s personal details. This includes personal information, including name, address, gender, marital status and other such particulars. Certain things, such as the address, need to be attached with proof. If you have changed residences in the past year, evidence of older residence also needs to be attached. References from one or two people from your locality will help strengthen your application. This needs to be submitted along with the application.

    In the case of a child, details of guardians or parents need to be provided error-free.

    ● Form J

    As you grow older, your appearance may change slightly or considerably. If you look very different from when your passport was issued, you may want to change the photograph used in your application. Form J helps you do just that.

    ● Passport

    Passports are necessary documents when it comes to migrating abroad. Hence, attested passport copies and originals are necessary in the application process.

    For Indian nationals, the original passport will have to be presented at the time of application. This is kept with the authorities and used for endorsement. This may take as long as eight weeks.

    Foreign nationals need to present an attested copy of their current passport. In addition, they need to have a valid purpose of visiting or staying in India.

    ● Photographs

    A recent passport size photograph needs to be attached to your application. Additionally, you need to submit two photos. Certain guidelines need to be followed when doing the same.

    The photo needs to be 2*2 in size. Apart from this, the applicant needs to be looking straight with a neutral expression on their face. Shadows and over-lighting should be avoided. This applies to both adults and minors.

    ● Appointment Letter

    When working with an agent, you may need to make an appointment for a personal consultation. The letter of such a scheduled meeting needs to be presented when at the venue.

    There may be many other documents that are to be submitted depending on the applicant’s situation.

    Uncomplicate the Police Clearance Certificate Process with CBD Travel

    If you are looking for agents who can help speed up the PCC process, there is none better than CBD Travel. We are amongst the most trusted travel and migration agencies in Australia.

    Some of our salient features are:

    ● We are your one-stop-shop for all travel and migration needs.
    ● Our agents understand your circumstances and help you fill an application accordingly.
    ● We charge extremely competitive fees to our customers.
    ● We make sure that your PCC is obtained as soon as possible and that you can move to the country of your choice.
    ● We make the process of application filling and submission extremely facile.
    ● We ensure that your overall experience with us is comfortable and seamless.

    Are you looking to get an Indian police clearance in Sydney? Book an appointment with us today!


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